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Helping dogs become better versions of themselves with the help of tools that empower owners

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 About Us

At Ruff Love Dog Training, we believe that good behavior starts at home. How can we expect our dogs to behave outside of the home when it’s not even nailed down where they spend most of their lives and where behavior begins? That’s why we are a custom-tailored service that comes to your home to work on the behavior of your dog. We will work one-on-one with you and your dog weekly to create a program designed specifically for your dog’s needs.

Please note that consultation forms are responded to in the order they are received. We appreciate your patience and we will respond within the week. 


Dog Walking for established clients

Training is a life-long process, and it doesn’t end when we leave your home. For our established clients, we offer structured walking services to keep your dog’s skills sharp. These training walks include structured socialization with other dogs, confidence training, and focus training in particularly stressful or stimulating environments. Ask us about our extra walking services today!

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Dog Training

Private in-home training sessions allowing us to correct the behavior issues (i.e. pulling on walks, chewing, barking, jumping, over excitement, separation anxiety, resource guarding, disobedience, etc.) in your dog’s environment. Since every dog is different, our training is specifically tailored to help dogs become a better versions of themselves while providing owners with tools that empower them.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Puppy Proper Program

Want to start your puppy off on the right foot? At RLDT we will help you to build a confident and compliant puppy to ensure that all their needs and benchmarks are met. What you’ll find with Ruff Love that you don’t often find with other companies is the structure  that we offer in order to get your dog on an easy and predictable schedule. We find that the basics are very important, but are not limited to potty training, sit, down, and stay. Programs are for puppies six months and under. 

How it Works

1. Complete a consultation form

Fill out our online form so we can determine service provider availability for your pet needs and call you to discuss services, frequency and pricing.

2. We'll call you

We will call you to further discuss your pet, their behavior, and their needs. During this phone call we will discuss availability and pricing.

3. First appointment

First appointments are typically an hour and a half. We want to come to your house and see your dog in their natural environment and understand what their day-to-day typically looks like. From here, we will send a follow up summary with general information, goals, and homework for the following week. Follow up appointments are one hour.

Why Us?

We are passionate about building healthy, lasting, and loving bonds between owners and their pets. We are invested in our clients and want to elicit a change in not only the dog’s behavior, but the owner leading that dog through life. 







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Dog Owner Reviews

“Wade is an absolute pro! He’s efficient, insighful, trustworthy and demonstrates spectacular communication skills with both  people and animals. Wade and I developed a mutual understanding of my situation and my dogs needs with very little effort. His willingness to adapt to my evolving lifestyle and professional demanding schedule fit the bill flawlessly. I am so grateful to have found him and his services and I would support and endorse anyone who loves their pet to work with Wade in particular. 2 paws way, way up!”

Elizabeth S.

“Wade is a fantastic caregiver, and we are so happy we used him to care for our dog. Our dog is ‘special needs’ as she is an older but still active blue heeler who is blind. Wade has a learning mindset and was very attentive and caring to her. He gave us updates after each walk and feeding, as well as sending photos. Can’t speak highly enough about his communicaiton and caring for our dog.”

Margaret H.

“My dog Barney looks forward to his walks with Wade most weekdays, were Wade will often bring another dog along so that Barney gets to socialize with other good boys. He even takes him to the dog park regulary so by the time I get home from work, Barney is always happy as a clam. At first, I hired a dog sitter because I needed some help short term during a transitional time, but because Wade’s awesome focust on service, his great love for dogs, his flexibility, and the list goes on, I’m proud to be one of his regulars now!”

Chase W.

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